Apply For Coaching

Need some help in your freelance or consulting business? Have a small biz or startup that needs a marketing and sales expert to help you boost your growth? 

I can help in three ways. 

#1 Way I Can Help: Free Stuff

I have tons of free stuff to help you in your business. I have a podcast, I regularly write articles, and you can of course sign up for my newsletter here. 

#2 Way I Can Help: Coaching Call

Do you have questions that can be answered in just an hour? This is perfect for questions about your offer, marketing channels that might work for you, scaling or improving sales, or the like. In a 60-minute call, we'll have time to tackle one big issue. I'll record the call and send to you as soon as we hang up. The call is just $250, and can usually be scheduled the same week you apply. 

#3 Way I Can Help: Monthly Coaching

Sometimes you need someone by your side to help you through. Tough times, big changes, hard decisions. And sometimes that someone has to be really good at what they do, with the experience to help you through it all. 

If that's the kind of help you need, you're looking for monthly coaching. 

Every monthly engagement includes: 

  1. A kickoff questionnaire 
  2. A kickoff call to set goals
  3. 2x monthly calls over Zoom (plus a video recording of the call)
  4. Unlimited email / phone access to me directly
  5. Access to all of the paid content I create

I can help you with things like:

  • Refining messaging to make sure you always say the right thing
  • How to improve conversion rates and amounts
  • Lead gen and marketing channel strategies 
  • Formalizing and improving your sales process
  • Increasing win rates for sales qualified leads

Just fill out the form below, and we can have a free 15-minute consult to discuss whether coaching is right for you. Coaching engagements last at least 3-months and typically run 6-12 months and are $1,500/mo, paid quarterly.